Why Choose us

Well qualified
female teachers
Islamic Environment


Play Ground

CCTV Secured Premises

Smart Class

Nursery to Upper KG

3 to 5 years

Elementary School
1st to 5th Standard

6 to 10 years

Middle School
6th to 8th Standard

11 to 14 years

Secondary School
9th to 10th Standard

14 to 16 years

We believe in
merging Deen and Duniya
together for success in
this life and hereafter.

Giving wings
to fly

Focused on the overall development of every student, Dare Arqam provides a safe, stimulating and caring atmosphere for students to grow and bloom in all spheres. Spread over an area of 15,000 square feet, we are the largest school in Kondhwa. We offer multitudes of opportunities for learning and development, with emphasis on both academics and extra-curricular activities.

Principal's Message

I represent an institution which is giving education not only for this world but also for the hereafter. We are making students aware of the worldly challenges and trying to make them strong enough to face them. We are providing them best education possible. We believe in the statement that “Nothing is impossible because the very word impossible says that i-m-possible.”

Shafaq Ambari Qudratullah Baig

Our Team

Qudratullah Baig Kalimullah Baig


Shafaq Ambari Qudratullah Baig

Secretary and Principal

Kashif Ahmed Zahiruddin Shaikh



I like the science lab of our school. There are different types of equipment by which we experiment and understand what is written in our books.

Asma Chakure


Teachers of Dare Arqam English School are very nice. They speak to us with respect. I got lots of training in how to give good speech at the school.

Aisha Shaikh


There are many things which I like at Dare Arqam School. Such as the science lab, the playground and the teachers. Teaching here is very good.

Khairu Nabi


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