Dar-E-Arqam Education Charitable Trust is a non-governmental organisation established for welfare of deprived sections of the society. Although our projects serve children, youth and elderly people as well, special focus is given to women. Our projects include girls’ Hostel, English school, Maktab, Tailoring class for women, Mahendi class for women, free water supply to labour camp, free oxygen concentrator machines to Covid affected patients, free ration kits to lock-down affected families, anti-begging campaign, education promotion campaign, so on and so forth.

World Environment Day

Since the global warming has proved to be not just a warning but an ongoing calamity, we celebrate World Environment Day to make children understand the dangers faced by the mother earth and human race. They are made to contribute in the solution by planting saplings.

Constitution Day

Constitution is the golden rope which binds the nation together. It’s also a shield for the weak against tyranny and oppression. Apart from rights it also bestows responsibilities upon the citizens of India. And it is duty of every citizen to protect it. These are the messages which children take on Constitution Day.nd human race. They are made to contribute in the solution by planting saplings.

Science Exhibition

Any child getting nurtured at any school can grow up to be a scientist. We may be training next APJ Abdul Kalam and Homi Bhabha at our academies. This talent needs to be searched and tabbed at school level itself through Science Exhibitions.

Study Tour

Children need exposure. Only bookish study makes them gold fish of little ponds which are of no use to the society outside. Real learning takes place where real work is done. Children also realize in study tours the magnitude of small lessons they are learning at school.

Mathematics Day

Unless thought creatively and made interesting, maths is an enemy subject of children. Celebrating Mathematics Day makes children aware of its usage in practical work, importance in daily life and career scope.

Drawing Competition

Not every child has to become doctor or engineer. The world needs artist as well, and in abundance. Art is much neglected part of today’s school and college curriculums. Given a chance, a born artist can scale skies in her youth.

Chart Competition

Art is an essential part of life. But art without conscience is just unproductive and useless. Through Chart Competitions children showcase their skills, creative and also their understanding of the world around.

Winter Day and Colours Day

Small children learn better through games and activities. Such small activities are conducted to make the learning simple and interesting.

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